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Anonymous: do your hats ever fly off your head when it's windy? i'm trying to get into hats and they always fly when i'm walking in the city.

Yes, tons of times. There is no way to get around this. If it is super windy I just carry it :)

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Anonymous: I really admire your style. Tbh I wish I could me you in person

Awww thank you! Maybe one day.

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Anonymous: Beautifull gurrllllll you're back hello!


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Anonymous: have you been listening to lana del rey's new album? i think you'd love it! hope you're well! xx

Not yet!!! But I have been meaning to. Loved her last.

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Anonymous: you're my hair/face/body/fashion inspiration, just wanted to let you know :-)

Well thank you!! I really appreciate that :)

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44139: Hey. I used to follow you last year on your blog. I seem to remember it was before you got two small tattoos (if my memory serves me). I like your sense of fashion.

Correct! I got the small tattoos over the summer last year and one this year.

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Anonymous: Hi, bonnie.. what will you do when you feel there is no activity? or bored? Can you give me some advice? thank you so much, hope you reply this one :) hope you have a nice day xoxo

Hiii! I was actually having quite the boring day today, so it’s the perfect time to answer this question. Sometimes I just take a walk with headphones on and listen to songs that make me happy while I people watch. If I’m feeling lazy I will watch a movie or something on netflix. Maybe go shopping, or read a book. Call a friend or a family memeber. There is lots to do!  :)

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