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Really looking to start some sort of healthy diet plan (nothing fad or crazy like eat only cabbage or something haha). Any recommendations that have worked for any of you ? Turning 26 in two days, trying to start it off with a healthy lifestyle ! 💖💖💖

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Any recommendations for stuff to do in LA?? I have a free day today and want to explore! ❤️❤️❤️

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Anonymous: if you do a meet and greet could christina (trop rouge) be there also i love that one

Lol I’ll ask her, maybe we will do a meet up. But I think we should make it themed no? Like costumes and all!

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Anonymous: what advice do you have for making friends at college? i moved into my accommodation (halls) a few weeks ago and still don't know anyone :(

Oh my goodness, I completely remember the feeling. My first few weeks of college, all I could think about was my best friends from high school. I felt so alone. Eventually I just tried my hardest to stop being shy and talk to the people around me. You’ll find out that everyone is just as nervous and looking for friends as you probably are. I know I was! Now some of my best friends are the ones I made in school ❤️

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Anonymous: Ever thinkof doing a meet and greet?

Totally!! I just don’t really know what city to do and how many people would show up haha. If any of y’all that are near NYC are into it, I’m so down! Just let me know :)

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